Welcome to Sales 101.



From general interest to a decision to buy.


The RSC-VERKAUFSSIMULATOR® is dynamic, challenging and orientated on the real world. Our proven concept creates a concrete, realistic environment. Always something new. Just like being in a simulator.


Before they decide to buy, a number of factors usually come into play for the customer. Precisely this is the approach of the RSC-VERKAUFSSIMULATOR®. Our focus lies in developing and creating fruitful relationships with customers as the basis for a successful sale.


Our expertise: in the RSC-VERKAUFSSIMULATOR® you will learn how to apply proven tools from experienced sales trainers. Through specially designed exercises on a range of topics, you’ll reflect on the process. Concrete scenarios, such as field work, create a safe space to learn without worries of less-than-ideal results. You will try new things, learn, test and further develop your abilities.