Customer References


...the "Yello Strom" kick-off meeting in 2014 was an event that participants are likely to remember for a long time. With the support of Rolf Schulz and his team, we succeeded in shaking up the company, not only stimulating interest among employees but also getting them excited about our common vision and strategy. The investment definitely paid off. Many thanks are due to the whole team!

Bjorn Simon, Head of Marketing at Yello Strom GmbH



… the training addresses the "human" factor, impressively and professionally exemplifying how the potential of the individual and of the whole team can be successfully utilised and deployed in a targeted manner. Exercises, discussions and lectures provide excellent means for aligning both personal and team work situations to secure success, while ensuring that human interactions are given the appropriate amount of attention."

Gisela Schöneberger, Vice President Corporate Human Resources Fresenius SE, Bad Homburg



... holistic, customer-oriented solutions, as well as a professional and motivated sales team with a pronounced service mentality are the most important prerequisites for achieving satisfactory growth in revenues and margins in a fiercely contested market. A change of philosophy and culture in place at a company, moving away from a product-oriented approach towards solution-oriented thinking and actions, requires a new mindset and revised processes in all divisions.


Rolf Schulz HR Consultants actively supported us on multiple levels during this change process - changing our corporate culture, providing management consulting services and training our sales workforce. The collaboration was open, pragmatic, professional and characterised both by trust and a working relationship on an equal footing.

The results? We have been able to achieve and maintain double-digit increases.


Rolf Schulz HR Consultants made a significant and decisive contribution to this, as only the people and their inner attitude can make the difference here.


There is no doubt: the investment more than paid for itself! Many thanks!


Thomas Dold, CEO D&B Deutschland GmbH




... In 2011, we took the decision to implement a comprehensive and intensive development programme for our managers (team leaders, division leaders and general management) with the following focuses: emotional leadership, holding employee interviews, emergency meetings and conflict management. This management development programme was accompanied by regular "on the job" and "off the job" coaching sessions.


The team at Rolf Schulz HR Consultants actively supported us on multiple levels during this management development programme - providing a reflection of the leadership culture and management behaviour, consulting and coaching the managers, training our managers. 

The collaboration has been and remains very professional to this day, characterised by trust, openness, clarity and eye-level communication. Mr. Jant and his colleagues know exactly how to reach our managers and how to sustainably impart both knowledge competence and action competence. They are professional contacts when it comes to the topics of organisation, leadership and collaboration. The team from Rolf Schulz HR Consultants also supports our managers in personal issues.


The results? Management behaviour, also in difficult situations, has been sustainably improved. The collaboration between management levels has become more efficient and open. We have also observed significantly heightened awareness among managers of what it actually means to be a manager, together with all associated tasks, duties, responsibilities and authorities.

Rolf Schulz HR Consultants is a reliable partner. We look forward to further successful collaborations in future.


Dr. Stephan Vulpus, CEO E-MAKS GmbH